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Arung Hayat Sipadan Adventures Lodge 3

Arung Hayat Sipadan Adventures Lodge

The Arung Hayat Sipadan Adventures Lodge is a great place to start your Semporna experience. The resort spreads its accommodation out over three venues. There is a set of buildings set out like a traditional Malay village, with rooms of varying sizes.

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Sipadan Inn 2 5

Sipadan Inn

The Sipadan Inn forms part of the new Seafront Township in Semporna, Malaysia. This budget hotel offers comfortable accommodation for visitors interested in Semporna’s coral reef.

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Seafest Hotel 1

Seafest Hotel

The Seafest Hotel is Trip Advisor’s top rated hotel in Semporna, Malaysia. Rooms are clean and comfortable. There is both a restaurant and cafe in the hotel, both specialising in seafood.

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City Inn Semporna 1

City Inn Semporna

The City Inn Semporna is a cosy budget hotel that is great for short stopovers. Trip Advisor reviewers commented on the high levels of cleanliness throughout the hotel. They found the staff to be helpful and friendly.

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Dragon Inn Floating Hotel 1

Dragon Inn Floating Hotel

The Dragon Inn Floating Hotel is styled after traditional Bajau water villages, where charming wooden buildings stand above the water on stilts. The boardwalks provide the perfect spot to relax in the sunshine or chat to local fishermen.

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