The Arung Hayat Sipadan Adventures Lodge is a great place to start your Semporna experience. The resort spreads its accommodation out over three venues. There is a set of buildings set out like a traditional Malay village, with rooms of varying sizes.

Arung Hayat Sipadan Adventures Lodge 2Then there is the Mabul lodge, long houses built over the sea on stilts. Finally, guests can charter a private boat for a truly nautical vacation.

Arung Hayat Sipadan Adventures Lodge 1Boats will definitely feature heavily in your trip to Semporna, as there are several islands that provide excellent opportunities for diving in the local coral reef. Several businesses in the area provide lessons and tours to help you make the most of snorkelling, sea walking and deep sea diving.

Arung Hayat Sipadan Adventures Lodge 3Divers can expect to see tropical fish and even sharks in the waters, along with Semporna’s famous residents, the sea turtles.

Hotel: Arung Hayat Sipadan Adventures Lodge
Price from: RM51 per night
Address: Mabul Island, Semporna, SA, Malaysia
Tel: +60 12-822 9984

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