The Dragon Inn Floating Hotel is styled after traditional Bajau water villages, where charming wooden buildings stand above the water on stilts. The boardwalks provide the perfect spot to relax in the sunshine or chat to local fishermen.

Dragon Inn Floating Hotel 2The hotel boasts an open aquarium where visitors can see fish close up. The hotel’s Pearl City Restaurant offers deliciously prepared seafood dishes.

Dragon Inn Floating Hotel 3People come to Semporna for its magical diving opportunities. Regular boat tours are run out to the surrounding islands, most notably Sipadan, which has the best place for ocean diving, and Mabul, which is excellent for muck diving.

Dragon Inn Floating Hotel 4There is a huge diversity of marine life in the coral reef here, it is home to a large number of sea turtles as well as a variety of tropical fish.

Hotel: Dragon Inn Floating Hotel
Price from: RM105 per night
Address: 1, Jalan Kastam, 91308 Semporna, Sabah, Malaysia
Tel: +60 12-345 6789

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