The Sipadan Inn forms part of the new Seafront Township in Semporna, Malaysia. This budget hotel offers comfortable accommodation for visitors interested in Semporna’s coral reef.

Sipadan Inn 2 2The hotel runs its own scuba diving centre and also has a small swimming pool with a bar for relaxation. Many Trip Advisor reviewers commented on how friendly and helpful the staff are.

Sipadan Inn 2 1The Seafront Township is filled with shops, bars and restaurants. Seafood is a speciality here and visitors can enjoy the freshest fish cooked right in front of them.

Sipadan Inn 2 3The coral reef at Sipadan National Park is a gorgeous spot to try scuba diving, sea walking or snorkelling. The reef is home to sea turtles, many varieties of tropical fish and even the occasional shark.

Hotel: Sipadan Inn
Price from: RM179 per night
Address: Block B, Lot 14-11, Semporna, SA, Malaysia
Tel: +60 89-784 866

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